Refractory Products

Based on the ABAX know-how in the equipment-design we have developed the knowledge how to engineer refractory products to get the optimum overall performance.

The production of ABAX Refractories is concentrated in China where we have long-term agreements with partner-plants, which have been carefully selected to meet the highest standards for homogeneous and stable quality.

Quality is the most important aspect and the experienced ABAX Refractory-Team is fully committed to Total Quality Management.

Ladle Purging Plugs




Ladle Slide Gates

All types and materials are available:

Ladle Shroud

Service life > 10 hours.

  1. Argon injection
  2. Ceramic layer as oxydation protection
  3. Ceramic fiber blanket to reduce heat losses
  4. Al2O3-C for high corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance
  5. High quality ZrO2 composite in the slag line for extra corrosion resistance.
  6. No-grahite in the inner layer and therefore can be used also for low-carbon steel.

Tundish Nozzles

  • All types of nozzles are available
  • Material properties

Main Advantages

  • Long casting sequences of 14h
  • Stable casting speed
  • Consistent results
  • Low cost