Spare Parts for Casting Machines

ABAX is in the position to provide spare-parts for any type of continuous-casting machine at lower price level and equivalent quality as originals.
In case no documentation is available our engineers will visit your plant and make all necessary investigations & measurements as basis for reverse-engineering.

This applies for mechanical, electrical & automation and hydraulics.
For electrical & automation we are able to provide all kind of components, including equipment for special caster instrumentation such as electromagnetic or radioactive level-control.

Main Spare-Parts for Casting Machines

  • Ladle turret
  •  Bearings for ladle turret
  • Hydraulic motors for ladle turret
  • Slip-ring for ladle turret
  • Gear-boxes for ladle turret
  • Weighing cells for ladle turret
  • Mould housing
  • Water jacket for mould housing
  • Flanges for mould housing
  • Foot-rolls for mould housing
  • Sensors for level-control-system
  • Valve stand for mould water
  • Oscillator


  • Gearbox & excentre-mechanism for oscillator
  • Electric motor for oscillator
  • Mechanical spring for oscillator
  • Pneumatic spring for oscillator
  • Spray-cooling
  • Spray-pipes
  • Spray-nozzles
  • Valve stand for secondary cooling
  • Strand-guide
  • Segment