Quick start-up and excellent billet quality with ABAX billet caster!

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In November 2016 TUE MINH STEEL (VAS STEEL GROUP) has awarded ABAX with the order to supply a 4-strand billet caster for their new plant in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

The caster has been erected within 2 months and went into commercial operation in November 2017. The Final Acceptance was given after a period of training and at full satisfaction of the customer in February 2018.

In July 2018 TUE MINH STEEL has placed the order to ABAX for the Hot-Charging-System which will connect the caster with the newly installed DANIELI rolling-mill.
The main objective of the Hot-Charging-System is to deliver billets at the highest possible temperature by applying the following measures:

  • Reduce spray-cooling to a minimum.
  • High casting speeds.
  • Heat insulation of roller-tables.
  • Increase speed of movements.

Automatic adjustment of secondary cooling based on continuous measurement of billet temperature, as well as high casting speeds are the main preconditions to achieve a minimum billet surface temperature of 850 °C. At the straightener, the billet temperature is maintained above 1100 °C.
Heat-insulation of the roller-tables contributes to reduce radiation losses.

All functions of the Caster and of the Hot-Charging Equipment are controlled by the caster automation system.

Main Machine Data

  • Number of strands: 4
  • Sections: 130x130mm, 150x150mm
  • Billet length: 12 m
  • Casting speed: 4.0 m/min for 130x130mm
    3.0 m/min for 150x150mm
  • Mould: ABAX technology
  • Level control: Co60 type
  • Oscillation: electromechanical short-lever
  • Strand guide: completely internally cooled
  • Secondary cooling: dynamic secondary-cooling
  • Straightening: double-point
  • Cooling bed: hydraulic turn-over type
  • Automation: ABAX-Turkey process-control Level-I
    and Level-II